The Amazing World of IMVU

Life away from life

What’s it About?

IMVU combines a downloadable chat program and an online social networking site that includes user profiles, messaging, groups, and other common social features. Chat rooms are rendered in 3-D, and users create avatars that can chat and perform different actions. A basic membership is free and comes with a limited number of credits, which can be used to buy avatar-related items. For about $10 a month, users can upgrade to VIP status, which gives them access to a wider variety of features, enabling them to create and host chat rooms, sell virtual goods, and more.

Is it Any Good?

IMVU gives users lots of options when it comes to avatars, rooms, and groups, you can create content like rooms and virtual goods to sell. IMVU uses a strong verification process to keep users under 18 from getting the adult Access Pass, but there seem to be cracks in the system that allow adult content to filter out into public areas, making the site iffy for users under 18.

Hands down though, this is the most fun to be had since the playstation, you can go anywhere and meet anyone from all around the globe, from all walks of life in the most amazing locations. You will vert quickly find yourself more immersed in your new virtual life on IMVU than you will in real life, it is incredibly addictive, but oh so much fun!

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