Why Fiverr is Awesome

if you haven’t discovered Fiverr yet, it is a marketplace where users sell and buy services and products worth $5. People get registered and broadcast what they are willing to do for $5. While some of them are for pure fun (like one user offering to make a prank call), others mean business.

With a large number of users offering various services and products, you can find a lot of interesting thing that you would like to order. Fiverr users are selling their skills or products in small, easy-to-sell sachet.

Recently, I stumbled upon a Fiverr entry which offered to write an article/blog post. Though I didn’t need someone to write an article, I gave it a shot as all the feedback comments sang her praise. Four days after the payment was done via PayPal, I received the article. Though the provider had failed to meet the two-day turnaround commitment, the article was pretty clean and well written. Was it worth the cost? I guess so.

What’s in it for blogger/online entrepreneur?

Fiverr users offer a wide array of goods and services. If you look carefully, you can find great alternatives for stuff that you need on a regular basis or your websites and blogs. All of this for $5 only.

1. Several entries offer to draw cartoons or caricatures. Just send an order for the mascot for your website or blog. You can also find Fiverr users who will create a vector image from any given photograph.

2. Get a logo done for the niche site that you are making. No one stops you to use Fiverr for getting your blog’s logo either.

3. Promote your blog/site/product by using the various services that offer to share it on Facebook and Twitter with their fans. “I will post your URL to my 5,000 Facebook fans.”

4. If you want a custom background for your Twitter page, there’s help around. “I will make you a customized Twitter or YouTube background image for $5.” Hiring a freelance designer from sites like Freelance and Elance would have cost you a lot more.

5. Get a video testimonial for your website or product. This can be handy for new blogs and websites that want to make a good impression. You can also make use of testimonials on product sites. A real person can significantly boost the visitor’s confidence in your site/product.

6. If you have always envied other bloggers for being able to show fans holding messages for their blogs, you can get beautiful girls to send you their pictures holding placards with your message.

7. A professional banner ad can work wonders when you want to promote your service or product. On Fiverr, you can get it done for $5 only. Place an order and start using the ads on your site or in AdSense campaign.

8. If you need articles or blog posts, you can find users who will write articles based on your keywords. This service doesn’t have any edge here as you can find cheaper alternatives on other freelancing websites. However, it is a good option when you are looking for someone to write just one article.

These are just a few things that you can get done on Fiverr. Apart from these, you can also get someone translate your articles, install and customize WordPress, resolve your issues with FTP and database and create headers for your websites. The list is too long to fit in a small blog post. Make use of Fiverr to get things done for cheap.

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